Big Tire No Prep Diesel Cars Do Battle in Texas!

Street Outlaws Live event no prep kings stopped by the the texas motorplex located in Ennis, Texas. Diesel combinations are definitely not the norm in no prep but these two cars we highlighted are some racers that think out of the box. First up is a diesel tri five chevy that raced probably one of the fastest street raced cars ever put on the street which is the junkyard stude. The stude is no push over and the tri five chevy had his hands full with those matchups in texas. But, the diesel platform is just not seen in no prep but does not necessarily mean they are not fast. Up next is a diesel corvette that raced in darlington eariler last month. The white corvette that is a diesel setup raced the other beautiful corvette in no prep kings which is super daves. Gas vs diesel battle but more so its nice to see variety in racing. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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