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  1. The difference between the MSO family street racer's and the 405 is the MSO family street racer's are teal family they stand for each other and they never come against each other unlike the 405

  2. That sucks I've watch this show from day one and the show will not be the same with out big chief in the show, it will kill the show for sure buddy, totally unreal again, Mark from Tennessee, ☺☺

  3. Chief is the quintessential street outlaw. He started it just to have everyone talk down to him. I can’t stand to see people disrespect him straight to his face. It’s bull Shit

  4. Don't blame him one bit most of the racers have turned into drama queens crybabies even the 405 guys have become a bunch of crybabies hope this bites them all in the ass

  5. I've been watching Street Outlaws since the early days–when it was about drag racing. I loved to watch them drag race. Big Chief brought street drag racing back. I hope these guys get it together and stand tough. A person doesn't want to watch them kill the golden goose.

  6. I have a lot of respect for Chief and Jackie, and Jackie have given me Nitrous advice as I am building my own race car, warm regards from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  7. Peopl saying murder nova carried this show are fucking washed. Sean’s car is so damn inconsistent the whole show and without chief constantly protecting and favouring him he would have been off the show 5 season. I love the car and Sean’s attitude but he was boring as fuck and on repeat the whole damn show even what he says is on repeat.Sean’s replaceable without effecting the show they literally had to re do the show to get rid of chief

  8. I am confused. The Outlaw Street racing is what is on The Discovery Channel weekly. I am not seeing what so many are commenting about. I just have basic cable, no internet. Are there newer episodes being streamed on the internet?
    Feeling lost.

  9. Jackie had fk all to do with the blokes initial success! The money, fame and drugs became far more important to him than he’s own wife and kids… I have no time for the guy or any support for him, and haven’t now for quite some time!
    People that are successful n life need to always remember how they got there in the first place….

  10. Precious don't even belong there she slow her car sucks and if jj didn't bring her alongside she would never have a chance to be there Big Chief should of stay and blew there doors off and the he'll with big mouth precious if it wasn't for chief non of this would even exist

  11. Chief made all these people's names for the. No one would know any of them if it wasn't for him. I am not gonna watch anymore shows with precious and jj and the whole turd Memphis crew being shoved in front of the camera! NO WAY!

  12. Just watched the new street outlaws og and it seems that Shawn is commentating the show ! Not big chief the one where they go out of town ! Wondering what is goin on there .

  13. What's the most efficient way to get VIP tickets for NPK? Nobody is showing anything. Specifically Summit in Norwalk, National Trail in Hebron, or Beech Bend in Ky.

  14. Why aren't the fastest cars there? Precious does not have a fast car. There were cars there with no chance to win. That's what bothered me about the show

  15. Sounds to me like you are a little biased. Jacki puts her nose in where it does not belong and she has done it several times. Big chief ain’t no better than anybody else on that show and I do want to tell you that Jacki does not want to tangle with precious Cooper because precious will whip her ass so with that being said I believe the show will be just fine.
    I like Memphis Street outlaws better than I do the 405 anyway

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