Bama Murder Nova!

Street Outlaw og Murder nova 187 customs car entered the big tire class at the no prep kings event held at the texas motorplex. Murder Nova was competing to win the forty thousand dollar event but did not manage to get around fellow team mate Jeff Lutz who had his car rolling the whole event. Murder Nova raced several other cars that were included in the video. Murder Nova raced Chuck’s second amendment turbo mustang. We also included racers from california which included Mike Bowman in his procharged chevelle in the video. Several big tire cars fighting for the big cash prize. Fast passes were done all around so check out the video and see who was doing well. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. One of the yrs Shawn may be a contender. Reaper may make a straight pass one of these yrs. Doc has been making good hits lately.

  2. I feel like Shawn needs to makes some personal changes around him. First of all,…..hire a real tuner. Doesn't have to be Steve Petty. But someone who knows how to put winning tunes in that car. Secondly,…..get rid of Phantoms goofy a$$. That dude is a flake. His nonchalant attitude about losing has rubbed off you on Shawn. FCK that. Get some fire under your a$$ and get mad. Stop laughing and cuttin' up about LOSING. And finally,…..stick with one combo. Stop changing everything over and over. Its honestly not your combo. It's your tune, your suspension set up, and your ability to read the surface. Something your old friend did VERY VERY well. And if you absolutely must keep Phantom, the Happy Loser around,….make him the official washer and waxer of the Nova's. That's my take anyway. Tired of seeing a competitive car just keep toting L's.

  3. It's good to see Murder Nova make some full passes. I can't believe Doc can see the tree from the left lane. Can't wait to see Daddy Dave's new Audi make some hits.

  4. This guy that’s commentating though! I turn the volume down so I don’t have to hear his ignorance. Loose this dude already. And Reaper never ever lets me down . He is either doing an 1/8th mile burnout or not making the trip at all!!😂😂 I can hear him now all blaming the car. No dude it’s you! You can’t tune your car!

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