Asphalt Wars-Close races, close calls, and one of the most unfortunate wrecks I have ever seen

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  1. Asphalt ??? Should be called Dirt Rd., Ragers .Are they literally Claming on the hooks in dirt?? And omg !! The kid with the mullet oh good lord!!!

  2. That sucks about that camaro. Hope the promoter puts more emphasis on fire and safety equipment next time. I can’t imagine having to sit there and watch your car burn down.

  3. What’s wrong with these people….dirt shutdown, one working fire extinguisher, people standing beside the car watching it burn….
    At least no one was killed.

  4. Holushit am i blind or what is the damn shut down in that feild or what…if it is FUCK THAT thzt shit looks crazy as hell you would never catch my racecar or my street car shutting down in that shit.

  5. Sorry but that shit should be illegal as fuck not one piece of fire equipment at all you cant rely on fire extinguishers when its a fuel fire.

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