Aprilia Tuareg 660 detailed review (inc. 0-100kmh) | The best mid size adventure bike?

Tenere killer? Let’s find out.

0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Looks and design
4:46 – Engine, gearbox and 0-100kmh
9:20 – Suspension
12:24 – Handling
13:44 – Dislikes
16:35 – Likes
19:08 – Conclusion

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  1. Great series on the Aprilia Curtis, you gave it a good flogging 😂. I wonder if there are spare parts available to get the “demo” bike back to original condition

  2. Great review, comprehensive and entertaining,I'd love to see you review ducati desert x to compare the two.
    Also how does it compare to the KTM suspension wise?

  3. Great wrap up Curtis.👍
    It’s amazing how well the bike held up with the crashes and getting stuck in the mud. That should sell hundreds or thousands of these bikes in itself.
    I love the blue & white color, I’m just personally tired of black… I own far too many black vehicles and bikes. lol
    I’m not a fan of the multi-color sides in the front. Aprilia needs to put their Giant A or the Lion Head there in blue with a white or blue high fender and it would be awesome… I think.
    I’m still debating whether to put the high fender on my 890 S or not, with all the road miles I ride.

    I put rear pannier racks on my ADV bikes whether I run hard panniers or not. It’s protection and great places to grab the bike to lift or to strap gear like you mentioned.

    Wonderful bike and great demonstrations of the 660’s capabilities Curtis. 🙏

  4. Much better than the Yam T7? Right, that's it I'm buying one!! Cheers for such a fantastic review, very detailed, really enjoyed your attention to detail, thank you 😀

  5. Best review of the Tuareg on YouTube, couldn't stress more how i appreciate your insight and thoughts on the bike. Im really considering buying one hopefully this spring but im torn between this and triumph 900RP since i plan on doing around 80-20 on-off (light gravel etc)long tours with a pillion(maybe 2 per year max), but also want it for every day bike.

    Thanks again , cant wait for your new adventures and your real word reviews!

  6. Gday everyone, just letting you know I've added in time stamps to help you out, you can click on them in the description and scroll through them in the vid. Thanks for watching and if you haven't, subscribe!

  7. Great series on the Tuareg Curtis, certainly put the bike through its paces and provided some excellent feedback for potential purchasers, I’m a little bias mind, I took delivery of the yellow/black (which I prefer over blue obviously..) in November and enjoying owning the bike a lot cheers buddy, keep up the great content 👍🤜

  8. 0:42 hi Curtis just keen on your opinion lm currently riding for the last l.5years triump 900 rally pro lve owned quite a few bikes etc Ktm / Bmw / xtz 1200 tenere and so on all being around 1200 cc but now love the lighter tiger but really considering a lot lighter bike as a few old bike injury’s 😂 not that lm going let that stop me from living I’d really like your opion as lm considering Husky 701 or Touareg 660 l commute every day to work rain and shine it’s only about 7 minute ride unfortunately and week ends like to get out anywhere 200-400 klm loop on black top mainly back roads and as much gravel roads or tracks l come across can’t help myself 😉 I think lm still in late 20s not gonna change that Sorry for wofflin on l love the tiger but think going lighter would be lot beneficial old discs bulges will thank me when picking up bike and lm mostly on my own out and around Gippsland really appreciate your feed back Kind Regards Andrew Paul 👍

  9. You are the best real world bike reviewer in this space! Is it possible for you to put a Norden 901 through it's paces? Greetings from the States 👍☺️

  10. The Tenere 700 must be far more available in Australia than in the states because the Aprillia is selling for cheaper here than you can find a T7. But, I would rather have the Aprillia anyway so win, win. ✌️

  11. Wow you are an awesome rider, man I want that skill. I subscribed because of all the great things you said about my new bike, 86 miles, lol. You are very knowledgeable as well and not boring. If you ever get to the US I’d love to tag along on an adventure ride.
    Cheers from Florida.

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