American Graffiti Giveaway!


  1. I've made some comments on this video I've been contacted told I'm a luck winner of a rc monster truck and a jackeru solor generator and I've been asked to pay for shipping is this a legit deal or have ya been hacked and it's a scam

  2. Hey Bill! Great live stream! Glad for all the people than won the merch. Miss Vicky and Miss Harley sure make your day with the wonderful smiles and personalities THANKS! Ladies much appreciated. Stay safe!😃😃❤️

  3. I think Miss Vicki and Miss Harley are the great basis for any business. I know what it's like dealing with emails/enquiries etc but the amount of merch your dealing with is a massive undertaking on its own.
    I don't know how you all juggle everything around Bill. Great upload as always. UK watching.

  4. Miss this live but monster trucks and carburetor ….also great content and can't wait to Kenny's camaro back and all the great videos to come with the Malibu and more raffles God bless your family bill and now I'm gonna go watch Billy's channel lol….Bill miss Vicky n Harley n Kenny thanks for hard work and dedication and also uncle bucko…

  5. so i watched 2 lane blacktop……cooked me a chef boyardee pizza….and thought to myself what a odd movie this is lol

  6. Hey bill raffle off a weekend full of racing where you take the winner out for a weekend racing at whatever random event and show them how it’s done. Prep work, travel, trackside tuning, lining up, etc

  7. swamp kong tires wow havent seen those in about 10 years ! jeez 75 a pair is crazy . i pay $42 a pair for RC4WD Mud Slingers Monster Size 40 Series 3.8" they 1/2 inch shorter and are made of soft rubber its the tire i run on my crazy savage . with the amount of monster trucks you have you NEED to try them !

  8. Paul LeMat was great in 'Aloha Bobby and Rose' Camaro by Chevrolet… Driving my USA Made CHEVROLET in the USA Everyday… Today. Love the '79ner Malibu but like my '64 Olds F85 & Chevelle El Camino a lil better.. S-10'ner don't count but is a good grocery get'er. More on the Nova coming ol' William..? Looking forward, never back.

  9. I vote Ms Vicki start her own YouTube channel for weekly race event info. I know I’ll really appreciate that info.
    Whoever stole limpys stuff is a Real POS. I hate a thief.

  10. I know it's late but I think you should rent out Mister powers as a raffle so he can help come clean my shop I will pay the airfare

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