AMAZING NIGHT TIME Top Fuel Dragsters – Santapod

-=Santapod=- top fuel racing, a mix of night time and day time racing from santa pod 2011 FIA finals (September)


  1. Yeah, cheers mate, good memories, it'll be my lads 10th year of our "boys weekend away".. he's 17 now, remember taking him for his first dose of top fuel as a 7yr old and it scared the crap out of him, he loves it now.. roll on 2014, take care. All the best

  2. same rule apply's as fairford (airshow) look for a skull n crossbones flag, a pink pig and a bat and come for a beer next year!! we actually had someone come up to us and ask are you jonnythecroww last year lolol !!!

  3. Nice one mate, we'll be sure to look out for you guys, next main event, always stayed in travel lodge as it became habit from his age 7..did say to him last Sept, that next year we oughta camp, then we Both can have a beer cos i won't have to drive.. so yeah, we'll be sure to drop by and say hello..Catch you then.. Joe

  4. There are quite a few factors to consider when comparing between US and European drag racing,, the main one being budget, its a much smaller sport in Europe hence has a fraction of the budget,,, 
    There`s no point just reeling off speed, track length, horse power etc without considering how the teams and cars get to that end. Everything needs to be taken into consideration – Budget (euro has less than 10% of us teams budget), cost per run, limited spares, poorer tracks run by different countries standards, US`s 22 meetings per year rather than Euro`s 5 (ie more run data), Tuning for consistency over speed, data logging equipment and much more

    The above points are taken from an article by the crew chief of a euro team talking about the differences between us and euro dr – the article is quite old now but still makes valid points – i dont know how things stand today but have a read and let me know what you think

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