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  1. This was an excellent vid dude. Great work on the rx7. Really caught me off guard with the cash days in the title lol. Been following the build since the start.

  2. Hayden is either a leader in some sort of group of organized crime, Dr, or something for him to not see his potential income off youtube. Eben though one of his bestfriends is a massive success for him to look at as example.

    Hayden( enter last name) Tha Don

  3. Hell yeah! Let's go Hayden!!! Somehow this one missed my feed. Glad I caught it though! The car looks great and good to see you making all that work pay off!

  4. Please do more videos once a week even if it’s just shop updates and a quick walk around of the Rx 7 in a trailer under a carport in the corner of the shop with a inch of dust so it looks like a barn find video lol but seriously we miss seeing your videos
    Ok will settle for once or twice a month don’t get me wrong weekly updates would be amazingly awesome but we’re not greedy will be ok with a once or twice a month update fix of you with shop update and rx7 update even if it’s with future plans even if there repeat of plans you’ve told us about before. Thanks and as always videos are awesome and appreciated

  5. We get it, you put what you do for the title for the algorithm & views, BUT, put some emphasis on the "8 rotor" there pal HAHA, LS being compared to Wankel is a disgrace lol. I love your content to be fair, but got damn lol the "8 rotor" thing is just a clickbait title to people who actually wanna see it outta an FC Rx-7 lmao.

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