$820,000 McLaren 675LT Spider MSO Carbon Series

A one-off 2016 McLaren 675LT Spider Carbon Series, one of 25 Carbon Series cars built and only three with an exposed carbon fiber finish, arriving at and leaving Cars and Chronos at Hing Wa Lee Plaza. Costing around $820,000, the car features a gold-insulated engine bay, bespoke blue paint that reveals the carbon fiber weave only from particular angles, a front badge made of a thin slice of silver embedded in the clear coat, and various other options from MSO (McLaren Special Operations). The owner, who also owns a bespoke McLaren P1 (also shown in this video), had just received the finished car from McLaren Beverly Hills less than a month ago.

(January 14, 2017 / Walnut, CA)


  1. I wouldn't take this car. I would tell Mclaren to take it back and redo it again. Either the gold line is off or the front bumper fit is shit. One of the first thing that bothers me right off the bat. From different video that features this car in fact. If you pause at 1:10, you'll know what I'm talking about. No, it's not the camera angle. The fit and finish is not worth $800,000.

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