8,000hp drag car rocks Goodwood

Jason Phelps brought his 8.2-litre supercharged V8-powered Funny Car, capable of hitting 100mph in 0.8 seconds, to the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard to show off exactly what top-level drag racing looks like #FOS #Funnycar #dragracing

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  1. I've never heard such ignorant upper class commentary. They've absolutely no idea of what they're looking at. Reminds me of the BBC when a newscaster mentioned an Ali G movie, "In Daahhh House".

  2. why do these people bother with the silly Mustang stick-on facia? Do they honestly think that someone will look at it and say "wow! look at that mustang!" ?

  3. Funny car racing is not funny what so ever. Imagine you are sitting still and suddenly goes to 100 in less than 1 second, that’s not what I call funny.

  4. I remember being 5 when i saw my first funny car race in Houston, and I distinctly remember the feeling of my teeth vibrating against each other when it made a pass.

  5. Are this engine really from real Ford Mustang ? I saw another documentary if all Drag engine are made from Tuners not from any company manufactures

  6. These things are impossibly loud. I've been to F1 races, I've seen the A1GP live, this is a different kind of loud.

  7. On a really top flight engine in TF, using a electronic torque coupling, torque was measured and thus power was figured to be in the 11,000 HP neighborhood

  8. Watch a Top Fuel or Funny car race from behind. They go anything but straight.. Its not just see Green, slam the loud peddle to the floor and hope the thing stops before the sand trap…

  9. Oh no..the modern day funny cars and top fuel dragsters in the U.S.A. have engines that put out 12,000 horsepower and go in excess of 350 mph. They are literally ground shakers. I go every year to see them when they come to my town.

  10. My grandparents took me to the drag races in Seattle when I was in the 5th grade or so. My grandpa till the day he died laughed and told the story of the first time I head one start up in the pit area 😂. “You must hand jumped 3 feet off the ground”. I still try to get naysayers to go to an NHRA event it’s truly breathtaking.

  11. Everyone should go and see these run live. The noise, acceleration and sheer excitement makes the super cars look and sound like a bag of farts. These are on a different level.

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