8-Second Twin Turbo Nova – Street Car CHAMP!

This BEAUTIFUL Nova showed up at Street Car Takeover Indianapolis in true street car fashion. In order to compete in the class, all competitors must cruise for 30 miles without any major incidents….proving it’s true street capabilities! The turbos poking out of the grill grabbed out attention immediately. Not only this, but the motor is a Dart block LSx BEAST!
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  1. Great combo and beautiful car. I'm a little mystified by the weight. Obviously you are hauling ass…….. but you have a whole trunk full of extra ass?

  2. Nice looking Nova, love the paint/Yenko stripes on novas.

    My only other question here is who the fuck thought grass down the middle of the track was a good idea? I've seen that more than once. You get loose and put it in the weeds, literally, your car is probably going to get really intimate with the wall right after.

  3. Where is his intercooler? I saw the ice tank so I know it’s air to water. Only asking because I want to put my intercooler behind my dash and wanna get ideas from people who have already done it. Also the radiator is going under the trunk

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