“8 Rotor” RX-7 Made Its FASTEST Pass!

Back out at the track! Had some issues of course, but made one decent hit! I’ll get it fixed and back out soon!

Insta: Metigulous


  1. 5.60’s is impressive dude you’ve only had this car down a track a few times! I’m impressed with it man I’ve been following for a while and it’s awesome to see this car come to life

  2. I been saying just hit up TKM in North Carolina and get a Black Sheep engine they come in 3 different stages and the stage 1 has made over 1100hp and the stage 3 makes right at 2500hp so stage 2 makes right around 15-1800hp and also NC is the place to be for backside of the track No Preps they pay small tire 30,000+

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  4. Man the amount of people giving me really great suggestions to help fix issues I’m having is overwhelming! I really appreciate all you guys for the love! Gives me a lot of motivation to get this thing put back together! Thank you guys ❤️

  5. Honestly I was kind of bummed when the stock mr2 gapped the stock rx7. Man that seems like forever ago but then again it hasn’t even been 5 years.
    It’s weird being a subscriber for that long because I feel like I get to know you and you have no idea who I am and never have met me. Such an situation if you think about it. I bet it gets kinda weird meeting all these people for the first time who feel like they already know you. Anyways, stay humble bro. I really enjoy seeing your progress. Take care.

  6. Sweet Vid, Hayden! But, that Lincoln commercial before this video (not your choice, I know) had me pretty disgusted, so I'm writing this in hopes the Lincoln Exec realize they just lost a customer with this BS. Dear Lincoln, "Black Women is the solution" is nonsense. Saying one race is better than the other IS RACISM! Saying one sex is better than another IS SEXISM! There is only one race, and they're called HUMANS! Get Woke, GO BROKE! I liked the look of the new Lincolns, was even going to go test drive the new Aviator this afternoon, but now I can't even look at them without seeing a racist/sexist company behind them. Great job Ford. Guess I'm buying another Acura MDX.

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