650hp Turbo VR6 DonkeyTec Corrado RIPS! (Germany: EP-3)

DonkeyTec Kicks A$$ and a 650hp VR6 Corrado ride along sure helped put that into perspective! After wrapping up a shop tour and an inspiring ride in a CRAZY GAD Motors built SUV, Frank literally slid us straight into another shop tour with our friends at DonkeyTec! Specializing in Volkswagens, these guys really know what they are doing when it comes to the FWD VW and VR6 platforms. While their main course is currently VW/Audi, they are looking to expand their menu out to BMW and Lamborghini’s, neither of which are simple undertakings. Judging by how tame and radical this DonkeyTec turbo VR6 Volkswagen Corrado was, we can’t wait to see what impressive feats these guys accomplish in the future on some seriously badass cars! Stay tuned for the next episode of 1320Video’s tour of Germany as we stop by to watch turbo’s be born and end up touring Pannhorst Classics, which has more incredible euro classics in one location that we’ve ever seen!

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  1. That car is totally crazy, and so is the guy who built it, by the looks of things! Who else grips the wheel one handed by the spoke whilst not wearing a seat belt at 100+mph…? Nutter!!
    Love the car though. The VR6 is probably the most interesting thing VW ever did.

  2. I'm not sure how close the HST guys end up being to where you guys visit, i'm completely ignorant to geography -but THOSE guys build vr6 MONSTERS.

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