$50k Gruge Race DRAMA erupts at The Race Track

Moore Mafia called out the fastest Grudge Bikes in the world to a $50k race, but when MadDog20/20 shows up to race after they said it was broke, drama erupts on the race track.

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  1. Sounds like to me that the only way RG thinks he can beat CM$ is to turn that bitch all the way up to 12 and hope it stays together!!

    And it has been said, if you say $50K and then turn it down 2 weeks prior, then the day of the race say $30k won’t work, “I want $50k” when CM$ didn’t have time to put together and prepare for $50k (who would!) and use that as a way to cop out!

    Just my opinion but sounds right to me…..

  2. Nah, I think it was more ego. I've done the same before a race, especially when the other side is just talking constant trash. Yall need to stop racing for money and start racing for bikes. Take a bike and that shuts everyone up.

  3. they playing poker joker cards they skert ,…. if they was serious they would race for five k just to show everybody they are faster they skert of moore maqfia and melania big time jackin up the purse to a unreasonable amount to get out of the race

  4. You should have brought the 50 grand they asked for 50 grand from the beginning should have brought the 50 grand. Then you can't be arguing that they copped out you gotta slap it in their face and then said they copped out. That's all I'm saying

  5. I been drag racing my whole life,here's what I would've said: I'll put my 50k against your 30k……and watch him squirm out of the race because he knows he'd lose and record his walk of shame as he walks away. Btdt

  6. “I wipe my ass with $500 dollars” bahaha says the scared clown in a Levi’s tee 😂

    He’s the type of guy you’d pull up 50k and he counts it $1 short, no race! 😂😂

  7. why is there always crybaby racers always trying to get as much as they can or just make something completely unreasonable then talk trash like they are big LMFAO straight clowns bet bro doesnt have it anyhow … OLD MAN he is there to race , were is your bike at ?????? all that tuff talk for NO BIKE sitting on a scooter , NO ACTION … meanwhile guy is standing IN gear waiting for you to PULL UPP YOUR BIKE AND RACE HAHHAHA just a loud lonely pidshid looking for attention yall should have laughed at em

  8. Ya a cop out if you said ok ya 50 they he will says make it 75 until so high noboy has it and reason is gadston skert ! But he don't want to look skert in front of everybody on utube so it game time Hollywood dares game show at the recensioni track

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