4K Nostalgia Drags 2021 | Whole new level of Crazy! | Gassers Dragsters 7s cars OldSchool Musclecars

Nostalgia Drags, what a whopping day at the strip! This is probably the loudest video I’ve ever posted here on my Channel…..and proud!
I spent roughly 6hrs at the track and there hasn’t been a single moment that I was feeling bored or tired of it. So many different classes of vehicles, Gassers, Old Schools, Musclecars, Dragsters, Wild Bunch 7s cars….One after another the drivers were smashing it and giving it like there’s no tomorrow. Pure adrenalin, fun, sweat and fumes to be smelled. Oh and the noise, oh boy those earplugs served me just right!!
I’ve been to this event before but this is the first time I got super close to the action thanks to Bay Rodders Tauranga for issuing a Media Pass for the day. Amazed and thrilled to say the least, I hope y’all enjoy as much as I did!! Comment your fav moment of this video down below, let’s see what catches your attention the most….

A huge thanks goes to Meremere Dragway for hosting the race but most of all to Bay Rodders Tauranga for organizing yet another amazing day filled with petrolfumes and thrilling racing!

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  1. This is wonderful.. your video is crystal clear, you tell the et’s , the cars are great and the track is beautiful…. I’ve been drag racing over forty years and really appreciate this.. thank you.

  2. 2:53 a nod to a great old Australian Car Movie!and speaking of Australian cars @ 5:49 is an Australian Ford mainline Ute ,probably a 1956 right over in the back .

  3. What's the point? Cars at the starting line doing burnouts. No times, no winners, & no speeds. Rather short sighted in the production of this video.

  4. Great video! Thanks very much. Yes, this is early October 2021 and I missed seeing, finding this chanel before now but I like, and I sub'd. In the early walk thru of the cars I couldn't help seeing/hearing a few unblown cars drivers working the pedal trying to imitate the sound of 'blower surge',, too funny 'cause I remember doing that too back in the 60's in my 1963 Pontiac Bonneville. My Bonnie had a 389 with come pistons and a 'full race' Melling cam so it sounded pretty good for the day. Not ll that quick BUT when I got it to the freeway,, katie bar the door cause that big ol beast could fly! Speedo only indicated 120 but the ol Bonnie coul bury that needle and keep on pulling. I'm supposing it may have topped out around 135, perhaps 140 with the 3:23 rear gear.

  5. A big thumbs up from this Yank to all the Kiwi drag racers and their incredible cars !! You guys know how to do things right !! And yes, I did subscribe to this fantastic channel.

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