$285,000 1300HP ’69 Camaro! Speed Society’s “Build For Brain Cancer”

To help Kristian Nyberg and his family with his uphill battle of Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage -4 Brain Cancer & all the extremely expensive treatments, please donate here:

To watch the “Build For Brain Cancer” series go here:

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  1. Dude you look more impressed for the cause not the car just saying. Completely out of your comfort zone but I know you are just networking. Beautiful Car don't get me wrong but 28 pounds it's not a street car build it's a drag car. The Dodge Collection that you build seems way more intact as far as 20% of the throttle and it's getting loose (White Knuckle) Can't wait to see what you teach the 27 plus companies who had there hands on what's up*

  2. How in the fuck can you possibly spend $300,000 on a fucking Camaro really you can buy 69 Camaro’s at fucking Walmart why don’t you build a real car 300 grand I could build something nice like a hemi car

  3. Brent this was an awesome video. I often watch Forza you're very knowledgeable in your craft and what you do man you're one of the most knowledgeable people I've heard speak on many topics having to do with cars. AWESOME for his buddies in those companies to come together for Cancer.. I thought this video would have a thousand comments. It should. Keep up the good work man.💪

  4. Damn you went out there sweater and all. Why didn't they let you drive it?, They must know Prof. Brown got's a heavy foot. Look Mom Twinsies! Great build for a great cause. Had a friend that died from it. Beautiful car enjoy the hell out of it Chris!!!!

  5. It has such an old school sound I love it, as much as I love the LS engines old school if you can make it work make it sound as good and maybe better than a LS

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