2400hp Ford Cortina: How to run 6s on 275 Drag Radials

We first laid eyes on Joe Gauci’s amazing Ford Cortina around 10 years ago. Back then power came from a turbocharged Ford cross-flow six cylinder, good enough to propel the car to an 8.58 at 162mph and genuinely one of the quickest Modified Street cars in Australia period.

The Cortina was then completely rebuild with twin turbo V8 power where is debuted straight into the mid 7-second zone. Extremely consistent times improved to a 7.15 at 202mph.

Fast Forward to today and Joe and the ProFab team have made the switch to small tyre radial racing. The cubic inches have increased to a moderate 380 with larger Garrett twin 88mm turbos and a complete FuelTech FT500 fuel system.

Ford Cortina by Profab Motorsport Fabrications
Dandy Engines Ford Windsor 380ci small block V8
Garrett 88mm billet turbochargers
FuelTech FT500 engine management
ProTrans Powerglide 2-speed transmission
MT 275 ET Pro radial tyres, water/air intercooler
ProFab sheet metal diff
ProFab chassis and suspension setup
Power: Approx 2400hp

Get your track gear!

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  1. Pick any Street Machine mag up and open the back page looking for top quarter mile times. First 3 cars atleast will be either Tina's, Escorts or Capri's – 6 second cars all day with the right work done

  2. Thank you. An Aussie that didn't drop an ls in his Ford. Even if it's a Ford that I've never seen. Sorta looks like a Maverick though. Nice. Bring it to the States guys. I'll bet you'll be competitive here.

  3. If this runs 2400…what could a similarly built 410 hemi run??…i got one of those in my garage still wrapped up in the box…never had time to build it…

  4. I think I read about the blue Cortina with the boxing kangaroo back in the late 90’s or early noughties. Was running a 3.3L cross flow on GasResearch setup, right?

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