2023 KIA Sportage Review // Is This the Compact SUV to Get?

Compact SUVs are always in high demand so how do you capture more of the market? How about create a new version of your popular utility on a new platform, give it more room, make it safer and include lots of standard features and offer it in three different power plants including a Hybrid and a Plug-In Hybrid.


  1. Good all round review, thank you. This vehicle looks a winner. Please consider adding a comment on warranty in your reviews.

  2. Hey KIA thanks for making the new North American Sportage beutiful and the new European mehhh . European markert customer .

  3. Just bought 6 weeks ago my 4 th Kia , this time a Kia Sportage 2.0 turbo Diesel 8 sp auto AWD ….really nice to drive …>>> only switch off the lane assist <<<

  4. Great review. Is the second row wider than the previous generation? Curious to know how tight it would be with 2 baby seats. Is it possible to squeeze in 3 baby seats?

  5. This was a really good review. Thank-you! I just purchased an EX Premium. Just waiting on it to arrive. I do agree with you in that the EX Premium should have come with some of the same features as the X-line Limited because essentially the EX Premium is the top of the line without going for the rugged look. Thanks again!

  6. Which level has the LED Front and rear turn signals standard? I p
    prefer the Sportage rear turn signals higher up as to the Tucson located in the lower bumper..

  7. BEWARE of system failure in Kia in few weeks/months time. Lacks quality and service. I have personally experienced this. Does any one know if we had these kind of problems on Toyota or Honda? I should have opted for Toyota or Honda. But instead went with fancy “Kia Sportage 2023” and it’s not working now. I don’t know if it’s a quality issue or the way the dealership is taking care of new vehicles. But this is a serious issue for 40k worth car

  8. Only missing the wireless carplay on the larger screens and I would have liked to see same distance at the rav4 with the electric model. Changed my mind from purchasing Tucson.

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