2018 NHRA 4 Wide Z-Max | Stevie Fast Jackson

2018 NHRA 4 Wide Z-Max | Stevie Fast Jackson
Bahrain 1 Pro Mod with Stevie Fast Jackson Crash.

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Special Thanks to Wes Buc with Drag Illustrated for allowing us to use his Live footage! check him out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dragillustra…

Special Thanks to NHRA!


  1. While I can certainly see speeding up the national event qualifying session's I'm disgusted and truly ashamed of what the NON Car guy Corporate asshole's down at NHRA central did to drag racing with what they were obviously convinced would get the People who left NHRA back into the stand's with this disgracefully obscene spectacle of 4 wide drag racing ..I for one will never again in my life time get caught dead at ANY NHRA event at any track ..

  2. @Steve Jackson Racing . Yes I can see this is from 3 years ago but I’m just curious while you were talking to the safety director he was looking at your helmet . Does all your gear need to be inspected after a wreck? Kind of like the mandatory ride to the care center for other motor sports 🤷‍♂️

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