2,000hp Chevy S10 is so Fast, it’s almost not fair.. (Jason Cantu Dominates Yello Belly)

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Jason Cantu has his twin turbo, big block S10 dialed in like no other racer we’ve seen so far this season. It’s consistent, insanely fast passes made Yello Belly Raceway look like a Jason Miller prepped track. Jason took on the small tire and tailgate class in the same night and made it look easy!

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  1. If your truck can't hit over 225 MPH an being a stick like me an I don't have a bottle like you I'm all motor .
    I have kicked fools ass out the 818 valley racing , I'm not big on posting YouTube videos an have the circus around as I don't need the police fucking with me I am the founder of street legal 818 I can drive my truck that looks a lil like your truck an have been doing this for the past 5 yrs with this truck an hear your the fastest stick truck will I'm a street racer fuck a track we can run one on my private property to my Rance here in

  2. I liked the S10 but what I didn't like is track Officials allowing all those people that close to all the cars that are trying to race. It takes 1 Accident and the track is closed down because someone got hurt or killed and they got sued because of all that.

  3. Damn he bumped the wheel and it cost him 10k. Ugh that’s rough. He definitely had the fastest ride there hands down.

  4. I would have argue with the rules that they said across and he didn't cross over they need to stay You can't touch the line.. robbed the man for literal inches

  5. Not FAST,….. QUICK. FAST is top end speed. QUICK is whoever gets from one point to another the soonest…It's like those who think TORQUE and HORSEPOWER are the same…they're NOT.

  6. Man Jason is a class act and he’ll of a driver. Refreshing to see a guy smash the competition and not act like a douche.
    He got robbed on that last race .

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