1972 Chevrolet Vega "Babayaga" PRO ET drag race – 1000 HP brutal sound

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Full HD video 1080p. Description:
Italiansupercarvideo and I filmed this 1972 Chevrolet Vega Pro ET during the Wide Open Spring National 2019 at the Rivanazzano Dragway track (Italy). In the video you can see the the car on the dragstrip: launches, wheelspin, burnout and full throttle acceleration for a best 1/4 mile in 9.19 seconds. Also warm up, flames from exhaust and pure engine sound.
Driver: Bonasso Roberto.
Engine: Chevrolet big block V8 9.5-liter 540.
Thanks to ItaliansupercarVideo for the collaboration:

Io e Italiansupercarvideo abbiamo filmato questa Chevrolet Vega Cat. Pro ET del 1972 durante il Wide Open Spring National 2019 alla pista del Rivanazzano Dragway. Potete vedere l’auto sul rettilineo per le gare d’accelerazione: gomme fumanti, partenze e accelerazioni a tutto gas, per uno 0-400 m in 9.19 s
Motore Chevrolet big block 9.5 litri V8, 1000 cv a 8000rpm, rapporto di compressione 15:1, preparazione PMG-Racing. Cambio automatico 2 marce, 1300 kg
Pilota: Bonasso Roberto.
Grazie a Italiansupercarvideo per la collaborazione:


  1. Im a little sketched out how the drag prep was done. Im concern about the safety. Im so thankful in amercia most of drag tracks are very well smooth and wall guards all the way end of the track.

  2. Needs larger accelerator pump nozzles!! Starving it out!! And that zoomie exhaust is killing horsepower!! But, whatever floats your Vega I guess!
    And, for a 1000hp BBC in a tiny Vega, you should be easily into the low 8's, knocking on 7's!!! I was running 8.50's in my Vega with a 468 bbc back in the 80's FFS, all motor!! You really need to rethink your setup.

  3. Cool car thank you for sharing your video with me You Besafe an Well an have fun Have All good days an nites from Roy 👍💪👌🙏❣️🌹

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