1930’s STRETCHED Ford with a Blower & Shifting it!

5x Entries thru May 31st (LAST CHANCE TO WIN) –

When you’re going to the fastest radial race in the country, you definitely don’t expect to see a car built in the 1930’s show up. This blown big-block Model A was using the qualifying passes to get some bugs figured out, but most importantly – he was there for a good time. We need more of this!

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  1. @1320 My son will be born June 3rd IF it doesnt happen sooner. Who is more qualified to win that vette than me?! Haha, im going to enter now!

  2. These are the best videos…just cool guys at the track having fun with their buddies and enjoying racing. Cool that they are willing to take time out of their day to do these videos so we can enjoy them

  3. What an incredible masterpiece this is, it seems so damn smooth and just sounds insane.
    I take my hat off to the guy and his team for his efforts as it really is something else 🤘🏻

  4. One of the coolest cars I've ever seen on 1320, in terms of street cars. People don't realise how small the interiors are on these things… 😂 That was as intimate as a one night stand… 😉

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