187 Customs Exploring Perth and Getting The OG Tech’d In! Will It Pass Tech?!

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Seeing the sights and getting the OG Tech’d in down under!

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  1. Nice to see the other side of you guys not just drag racing but enjoying time with friends and family. One thing that just strikes me is when you see the Teddy bear come out in Shawn holding the cute cuddly Koala bear looking into its soulful eyes so gentle so sweet so loving. Ok wheres the freaking Button on this thing?!?!?!?!? lol. Loved the video thank you for sharing.

  2. I was hoping when I first heard of Street Wars on the small tire show that it was an actual open to the public kind of event. But I should have known it would be a staged Discovery event.

  3. 1, can someone get Shawn to turn his hat the right way? 2, cracks me up seeing Shawn's big ass squeeze into the car (being 6'5", I feel his pain)!

  4. I used to watch this cat when he was in the videos with Big Chief. But, I don't like his content since. I Bet he will be the biggest loser of the 405 in Australia,just like in the states.

  5. Ahh your so busy is a plus that’s why you make the huge bucks not just a pretty face …same with Ryan gotta stay busy keep that mega money rolling in 2with all these different projects… just keep on keeping on haha 😂😅have a good one…

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