187 Customs Current Events Part 2. Fire Donk Update, Shawn vs. Aiden Race , Shawn Loses His License!

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More of what’s happening with us to get prepared for NPK Season 5. Shawn races Aiden and finds out he doesn’t have a license! Plus an update on the Fire Donk!

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  1. Love the video but man it's odly weird how much you guys talk bad about fans. Like anytime someone says something that you guys don't 100% see in line with is this big "hater" and the amount of bad things you guys have to say about people that watch your content seriously sucks. It's really hard to read a tone of voice through text, with that being said I think you guys take alot of stuff way out of context. You guys and chief are cringe as shit when it comes to that type of stuff. I love the content seriously I do, but man it's hard to not say something about it.

  2. Why don't LS's sound as good as a small block? I am thinking its the firing order but I am a moron so I don't quite know everything. I do agree that they do.

  3. I had that happen with my date of birth. Tried getting a social security card and the forgot an 0 and I had to jump through hoops to prove who I was

  4. I don't see the problem you got to do what you got to do anybody gripes about what you guys are doing tell them they'll get over it love what you do murder Nova keep up the good work don't pay no attention to any Yahoo that has anything negative to say about you

  5. On the shoe thing ….. I bought a pair of Jordan's once and pushed mowed my yard the next day in them …. my buddy lost his shit and cussed me out and didn't talk to me for a week ….lol

  6. Might need to make sure the vehicle speed and gear rpm limiters are turned up on the Pete. 2120 rpm max through the gears and 127 mph max speed limit. Makes a big difference. That 3406 should pull a car trailer without breaking a sweat.

  7. You need to learn your laws they can't take you to jail unless you commit a crime and there's no speeding violation that is considered a crime burglary is a crime theft is a crime murder is a crime Street violations are not crimes

  8. The driver's license thing is all a scam you don't even need a driver's license to drive a traveler does not need a driver's license I'm telling you the truth do your homework learn your laws check it out and after you find that it's true pass it on to as many people as you can we all need to know this and Google is not going to tell you you got to go deeper like on bit shoot and duck duck go and in the law books things like that

  9. Hardly ever have had to time sit down and watch one of your full YouTube videos. Got home from work yesterday and was sick in bed, watched a good number of your videos. They don’t disappoint! Thank you for your content!

  10. No man god bless the people that buy badass cars and put them up w/o driving them. They are the people you want to buy the cars off of then drive the sh%* out of them.

  11. I also agree with Lutz, get the oil bath off and go to grease hubs. Way less maintenance and you generally won't loose a spindle if a seal goes un noticed for a bit…

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