187 Customs at Outlaw Armageddon 7! Murder Nova and ShopTruck in the World Series of No Prep!

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Racing Murder Nova and ShopTruck at Outlaw Armageddon 7

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  1. Hope yall are enjoying your Tuesday night, enjoying all the content, are you guys going to be at bandimire in October hopefully you guys do go would be great to see ya!

  2. Damn it's likes mob scene on the starting line, I can't believe they let that many people up there like that, especially those first couple of passes, a little risky, I've seen balancer rings fly off at about 6,000 rpm, tranny's shrapnel, torque converters flying apart, and number of things could happen, somebody might mess around and get a body part pierced for free

  3. Gotta tighten up, it’s been a week , and it getting harder day by day checking notifications, 2 weeks off so I’m guessing that the 55 & OG Will be finished up in the next videos lol , 7 days without a video seems reasonable for building 2 cars

  4. If I ever post a video I’m going to use the 5k grudge race Murder Nova Sean view booster. Even if it’s a how to boil water video.😂

  5. Gm family
    I believe there's nothing wrong with y'alls programs I believe you guys are going to be okay ..everybody knows y'all are fast
    As long as Y'all stick with it ..the win light will come on the regular

  6. Hey Shawn don't beat yourself up and forget about what the naysayers say I tell him to go f*** themselves, anyways just keep up the good work and don't let nobody bring you down man the sky's the limit man

  7. Yeah I am a little behind on the vid's but I noticed Monkey poppin up here and there. Is he part of the traveling team now? Man that would be one hell of an addition to the team. Probably exactly what is needed to get you guys over the hump.

  8. @MurderNova @phantom hey y'all are doing your best your making hard ass hits fkn good runs good licks your doing what ya need to.all you can do is keep gettin better it's all up hill bro..I'd love to see you guys on the top step and win one of these events.thst would be FUCKIN SWEEEERT!!!! all the hard work and dedication will pay off.Good Luck in the future guys!!

  9. Why does it seem like in these type of races murder nova always gets Fireball in one of the first races. If shawn was able to race anyone else he could win a lot more races.

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