1320 video I HHR SS 1/4 mile (DDP Episode 14)

In this video…..
I was FINALLY able to get the car back to the racetrack before the end of the year. The car has a new clutch, Full Bolt On’s and a tune. With all of these mods, I should have the car running a pretty solid time. I was able to upload 4 runs, (not all good runs) but the results were better, just not where I was hoping to finish the year. Hope you enjoy.

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Intro 00:00
Game Plan 00:37
Run 1 03:38
Run 2 05:14
Pitt Stop 06:30
Run 3 07:28
Run 4 08:17
Overview 09:19
Blooper 12:19

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  1. Great results. Hooking up is probably what kills good times on the majority of these cars. Sounds neat as heck with wheel spin but gets you no where. Your mph is good so it's just getting the traction. Keep working at it.

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