1. Do you happen to know the mounting point measurements on the roof rack of the wagon I don’t wanna just randomly mount it lol and mess it up haha

  2. You take care of you Nate. Head up high keep plugging. Good hard work.
    This is something I never did myself so hats off to you for showing no fear and taking on this task!

  3. Hang in there bro. Pray that god takes the pain from your grandma. Don’t mind the internet thugs. Don’t let them get to you and as for Leo sometimes people aren’t just mean to be in your life

  4. That was gospal well said but I'll tell you this but you already know some people don't know how to act or speak misery loves company and there is a lot of sad people in this world and you can't help them they will only bring you down keep up the good work and keep ur head up bro

  5. Man keep.your head up , sorry bout ur grandma bro 😔🙏🏽, atleast you kno who your real friends are . I was wondering about leo not being on your channel for a min. Keep on wrenching bro and do you friends come and go .

  6. I know your learning and that's always good but I've always seen its better to use a block when sanding to get an even surface. Sanding with your hand leads to a wavy surace. From what I've seen. Good job anyways. Enjoy the content and the vibe.

  7. idk bro watching two vids now it's too much to process so I'd rather not care, whatever happened between you two, should stay between you two even if the internet is asking about it you're still a tiny youtube bro so you can ignore those little rats you're not Cleetus where a controversy happens and you get on the trending page and then you have to address the situation……… now we have two stories and idk which one to believe, both stories maybe twisted who knows but man listen either both of you get on camera settle this if you really cared about the internet opinion or let it rest and stop bringing it back you just introduced unnecessary drama to the channel and now I kinda feel like I do not watch this kind of content anymore, shit like this changes perception and vision of certain people like there is no way in hell I can trust you or deal with you anymore for example but that's the life I guess. keep doing you brotha just a little advice from someone who used admire you, if you wanna lie bro make it sound believable at least. whether you sinned or he sinned past is past it won't fuck you up in 5 years right? I'm going thru something of betrayal from someone I considered a loved one and now I have no social media anymore because of my distrust and yes that person won by making me quit on people. I fucking hate people and this video proved my point further when I came for that failed attempt to throw a base map on your car what I said back then was genuine man watching another crx owner vlog his journey gave me inspiration but I feel sorta empty now even though we were never close but thru the screen I felt like family. i wish you stayed quiet about this man i really do

  8. Life is still going on. Sometimes you don't need to think so much, just follow your own ideas There are many wonderful parts of life waiting for us. head up Nate!

  9. I don't know bro, I saw Leo video and it's hard to believe who is right in this situation, but to be honest, I don't care, I just like watching ur videos you do a bunch of funny shit and make my day lol.

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