$10K Drag Shootout Episode 1: The Arrival

Meet the four teams that are battling to win the $10K Drag Shootout – a competition where each team gets $10,000 and 10 days to build a drag car. Team Boddie, Stinky Pinky, Team Bigun, and the COMP Cams Dream Team are stocked with some of the most talented drag racing fabricators, tuners, and drivers in the world. Thrills, drama, and tempers explode as the teams meet each other and establish a pecking order.


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  1. I love fox bodies, especially the 4 eyed foxbodys, unfortunately it's got smaller front brakes than the 87-93, plus I much rather have the car already setup for efi. The 4 eyed fox shown had a carb (even though 85.5-86 were efi cars)

  2. If you guys don't keep releasing content then by the time the actual race comes around then we'll already know who the damn winners are before it airs.

  3. This is 20k shootout. Between cars, cage, tires, ignition, safety, hardware. Id like to see a real 10k shootout. Something 11 seconds regular guy can relate to.

  4. As a grudge racing ls gm man I love the show I just hate the I’m better than you like with disco pink guy he’s so far up his on a** saying I’ve never heard of you but who is he I’ve never heard of his performance shop be a little more humble couse we all like cars love racing an it’s room for everyone but great show

  5. Too bad they ruined this show in the 3rd season.

    2nd wasnt as good but totally watchable and I liked it then came along that worthless 3rd season. They reality TVed it.

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