1000hp Mitsubishi EVO vs 1300hp CORVETTE!

Straight from Texas Streets Boosted Nights DVD ►

The classic battle of Import vs Domestic arrises once again in this epic street racing showdown! The owner of this beautiful Mitsubishi Evo putting down 1000hp lines up against this monster turbo 1300hp C5 Corvette on the streets of Texas! Pulled directly from our DVD Texas Street Boosted Nights, you know this intense battle is nothing short of insane!

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  2. like evos more but i think a 1300hp rear wheel drive should have been all over the road if he had the pedal down to the floor and the evo backed off to quick just because he was in front

  3. Lol that vette more like 750-800 whp and Evo 750hp maybe . 90% of performance car guys inflate the shit out of car specs . im a bike guy and it's same thing just harder to hide your lies lol .

  4. Damn that vette must of had traction issue I saw him let off the first pull entirely 2nd one he eased into that gear shift and just took off

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