$10,000 Harley Grudge Race – Turbo Street Glide vs Nitrous Street Glide

$10,000 Grudge Race between these two bikes has been anticipated for a long time. One is a Turbocharged Harley Davidson Street Glide from #TeamFSH the other is a nitrous injected, big displacement Street Glide with carbon fiber wheels owned by FastBlack. Rematch was done for double or nothing. Glad these two finally got to battle it out at #NoExcuses4 .


  1. so who got the win light, how many times did you show a race without showing the times or the win light, and why would a wheel company put out such a shitty YouTube video, i doubt your on teamFSH but really need to show a race in your race video. what i saw was a few clips of bikes makin passes, comeon guys

  2. No doubt be nice if these videos had real info instead of the obvious stuff that you can see.
    I swear if YouTube got rid of the uninformative videos they could save 2/3rds of there storage space and make viewers happier.

  3. Since no posted time or speed, I'll just assume these tractors are running low 13's around 100mph.
    Impressive for an old hit and miss motor.

  4. The video sucks. is hard to see who won! Grudge races do not show the times and speed, whoever took the video should have take it from a higher position.

  5. I couldn't even be sure which was which, didn't see the engines clearly enough. I think the orange one had the nitrous, but I couldn't tell who won either race.

  6. For those of you ingrates that are on here bashing the cameraman.
    You have no idea how much time and effort he puts in to bring you these videos.
    And anyone who knows anything about grudge racing, knows times aren't shown.
    If you're so knowledgable, you should know about how fast they are.
    Probably faster than most of the shitboxes you "race", and definitely making more money.
    Oh, and I'm the event starter.

  7. those Harleys have about a 1000 mile life expectancy. Just being stock they are junk then pump abunch of horse power into them and they are a ticking time bomb

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