Working for T.V. People, and The Potential End of The Streams!?

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  1. uni shouldn't care (never did in my day) about "attendance". (Mr. Hand didn't teach at my school!) Just show up for tests! Problem is you'll need to know what you need to know, hopefully it's not exclusively presented during that 3hr lecture! By the way, you DO have the same hairstyle as Murphy. What's up w/that? Finally: nevermind the begrudgers on "swearing". You're not 5 years old – say whatever you want! #TTVE

  2. It's so awesome that chief and Jackie get into his live streams and chat with him and others so how cool and down to earth they are compared to the rest of the so called "street outlaws"

  3. Sim, technically, your channel IS your job! It's putting gas in your car, paying for insurance AND, most importantly, providing you with the means to pay for school. Impart that knowledge to whomever you address about your dilemma. Who knows, maybe they'll be a bit more compassionate to your struggles if they knew.
    P.S. I love the show brother, keep it up. TTVE…🀟😎

  4. The film person wearing your shirt could be another youtuber releasing content from the show. If they come after him and he runs away you get blamed…πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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