Winner—-Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, Small Tire

What a great weekend of racing at Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) with the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings event. This is our 3rd event, and finally we were able to pull off a win. This is huge for our team, I cannot think my crew guys enough for coming and helping keep the car ready to rumble. Fun times, great memories……….winning is so much sweeter when you put every ounce of effort and it comes down to the wire to even make the first round call.

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  1. Now that I know your rear gear is a 8.8. I have a 456 on a spool. With bearings. With pinion. If you want a spare for your car let me know. Or it's headed for the metal bin. 😁

  2. that golf cart is saying please kill me lmao good job big dog man that smart ass that said be stupid to split purse at 3 is feeling stupid now he is way to cocky got money big power and ego he thought he had that shit in the bag he should get another heart if par is his

  3. that was close i jumped up screamed yes and scared the hell outa every one in the house 100% thumbs up john! race winner legend in the game!

  4. That white mustang was on a TV show called( fastest cars) where they race other built cars and one supercar per round and he made it to the end and would have won it all but his car broke lose on the top end and he spun out but he had everyone in the rear view mirror…..thats a bad ride and that man knows how to drive it…..Great job John!!

  5. Congrats John! Thats badass!
    So i see 4 trolls dislike this video so far…$mh ain't y'all got anything better to do… It is what it is.

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