Will Big Chief Put A New Setup In The Crow – No Prep News Episode 74

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  1. Chief said he would never own the murder nova because of the flat black paint but now he has a worse looking car, please chief make it look sweet again, maybe white again??

  2. I think that on mega cash days his loss was a major thing to him and his list so maybe he is going to try something different or upgrade his car

  3. so confused with the filming of americas list mean that we will no longer see the rest of the 405 drivers. if so this will be a shame i enjoy watching the entire group race or is this going to be separate from the regular street outlaws, and where the hell is farm truck and azn i know they are getting their own show does this mean we will no longer see them on street outlaws yep i am really confused.

  4. 🏁🏆🏁🏆Another awsome video . I don't think Dominator is gonna do the wing and nose thing either. I love the Murder Nova and Shawn as much as anyone but I think he should think about going to Memphis and talking to Anthony Smith cause he always has his Nova Hercules rolling..lol. I agree I think it will be a while before we see any NPK cause sounds like guys are gonna be busy doing other racing. You can't blame them they can't make any money setting around waiting for NPK and for most of them racing is a huge part of who they are they have to be racing somewhere or they are miserable..lol..SIMABCXYZ. TTVE 🎙CYA Next time🏁🏆🏁🏆🏁🏆🏁

  5. Sim maybe chief and others from the show can donate to you a green screen, so you can play different drag races from the show and nhra etc.. or just cool ass different backgrounds. 👊

  6. Why are they replacing the 405 show anyway whose idea was it It is a joke chief could not get to number one That is the reason he came up with fastest in America!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Fastest in America will be down in 1 month tops…. no prep kings will be filmed in the next two months. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t start by the Florida race.

  8. Sam if you look at daddy Dave’s car when it’s going down the track it’s squatting in the rear if dominator made his car squat in the rear it would go faster

  9. I hope Dom's new setup is as awesome as the hype. He was the only 1 left running a back halfed car that's the main reason for how high it was in the rear. Love the content as always.

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