1. @8:56 they must be looking at a video of Shawn picking up his not so old nova, if it is that doesn’t really sound like a turbo car running, just my guess,and I think I guessed right

  2. Damn. Good. Content. Love to see the working and BSing behind the scenes. Only critique would be to have the camera more stationary, pick a spot and stick with it.

  3. I can’t even imagine all the stories y’all could tell. I bet there is some really good ones to. Ryan you do have a great crew of guys that have your back. Y’all are awesome.

  4. Glad there’s more YouTube stuff give me something to watch on the weekends , I would definitely not get in a plane with chuck that would be a death wish in a death trap!! Love the stories . Glad to see Billy back !!

  5. Javi is the best crew chief and the proof is the insane consistency of the program. Ryan is a hell of a driver, but having the car ready week in and week out is why these guys are season 4 NPK Champs!

  6. If Billy changed up for a younger one again it might end up being one of his daughter's classmates… So I think he's good where he's at 🤣

  7. Airplane? You will not believe the problems associated with owning a plane. Race cars pale in comparison,, get in with a charter company. It's the only way to go bub. No storage, no maintenance, no annuals, no fueling, pilot or flight plans to deal with, just schedule and hop aboard. Leave ALL the flying responsibilitys to someone else, leave your minds to the racing. If you don't wanna fly there's nothing to fret about outside family, th business and your race cars. Charter, the ONLY way to go. Believe it.

  8. @ 12:40 into the video what you are talking about where you had fuel in the cylinder and no spark from the plug ultimately it hydro locked and locked the engine up………. I have a huge question for your next Q&A video since Steve Petty is a Pro Mod crew chief and tuner if he ever wanted you to come over and race Pro Mod for him would you or if you have the chance to race Pro Mod or Pro Stock for that matter would you and besides Steve Petty and Javi who would you like to have as your crew chief and tuner if you did go and run Pro Mod or Pro Stock and which class would you prefer and why? And would you prefer to run 1/4mile Pro Mod or Pro Stock or 1/8th mile Pro Mod or Pro Stock and what car and engine combo would you want to have to race in either class and what trans would you like to run?

  9. noticed the Trophies up on the rafters there and was trying to zoom in on them. Love all the hard work your team had done and an inspiration to a lot of folks like myself. Good stuff and thank you

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