WE WON TEAM ATTACK AT STREET OUTLAWS NPK Virginia Race!!! Justin Swanstrom vs Lizzy Musi FOR $$$

WE WON TEAM ATTACK AT STREET OUTLAWS NPK Virginia Race!!! Justin Swanstrom vs Lizzy Musi FOR $$$

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  1. Good seeing the rest of Team X congratulating you when you returned to the pit. Much respect. Also congrats on your win. Hopefully y’all will get it back together and dialed in before the next race.

  2. Justin, truth is Lizzy had you covered. She took the hole shot and was going away before she crossed over. Congratulations on the win, but tell the story how it really unfolded!

  3. ???? YOU DIDN'T BEAT SHIT !!!! LIZZY HAD TO LIFT , STINKY RED-LIT AND KINNEY BROKE ………. WHEN IT REALLY MATTERED ……… KYE FED YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If you doing some little sponsorships, should hit up Turbo John, dude has been making tons of rounds at these NPK small tire races on a shoestring budget!

  5. The race starts at the line ends at line doesn't matter what happens in middle just who wins stop with she had Justin till she crossed the middle line keep winning bro

  6. Good shit Justin! You have the chance to have a huge channel man. You really need someone to help with production whose not afraid to be a dirty mechanic at times. You won and only have half your subscribes have watched so far.

  7. What’s happened with the car? Can you do an update as the lows are just as interesting as the highs?

    Can you also explain why you Dad try’s to pick the rear end of the car up just before you stage?

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