We Need Brakes NOW!!

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws. Getting ready for Street Outlaws Americas List. All the maintenance that goes on behind the scenes to keep the Cars running. Watch as Crew Chief Javi replaces the rear carbon rotors on Fireball.

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  1. I sure hope my man is getting paid big money cause he is just as as vital to t am fireball as ryan can’t have one without the other good job bro keep up the good work ryan don’t let anybody steal him from you cause sure he has been getting offers behind ur back to come with other teams but dude is loyal and team fireball all day everyday no doubt

  2. Well now that they have replaced the brakes rotors in the rear how about rebuilding the brake calipers because if the caliper pistons were over extended that far it would be a pretty safe assumption that the piston seals have been compromised to a certain extent and having a caliper piston seal blow at 80 mph can be exciting and at close to 200 mph I bet would be outright hair raising and underwear eating event requiring a trip to a proctologist to have it removed. Also it is a good idea to replace the brake pads when replacing the brake rotors to bed in the new carbon brake rotors and if you were to install the old pads to level them using a file and a sanding block as opposed to a piece of emory paper and a cordless grinder

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