Undertaker Nitrous Chevelle vs Scrappy Nitrous S10!!

In this video we have a race between two small tire racers who entered the small tire class at the small tire shootout at edinburg motorsports park. The small tire race took place in edinburg, texas which has a lot of fast trucks roaming around. One of the trucks is driven by rigo who drives the nitrous assisted big block chevy. Rigo ended up racing Henry Thomae who drives the nitrous assisted 540 big block chevy chevelle. We ended up chatting a bit with henry about his combo and his car. Henry was commenting on how his car is a street car and can be driven inside town back and forth. The car has factory door hinges and can operate like a normal car. Only difference this street car can go 5.50s which is fast. Check out the anticipated small tire matchup and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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