Turning The Clocks On At NPK – No Prep News Episode 85

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  1. Just an FYI the track officials have the times they just don't display them. The driver can go to the tower etc. and get their timeslips. You have to be careful showing times because there are some of the racers in the big show and more of them in the lower classes that still actually street race and grudge race. Just my $.02

  2. They are probably spreading the cut around more. Less for the ultimate winner and more per driver to get them to show up at the event. If you only pay the one guy to win then less and less drivers show up. The problem with the clocks is that it becomes more and more about et. kind of defeats the street outlaws thing. STREETS DONT Have time clocks! You like clocks go watch NHRA or IHRA

  3. No prep is a tuning deal and the clocks on will help racers in that deal.they do have a idea of others times but not exactly . I'm 100% against clocks on!!

  4. Hey Sim, I am with you since they already know what each other is running why not bring in the numbers. Then you can have a number 1 qualifier, lowest elapsed time and so much more. They all run, on the street 440s to 450s. Yes, add the numbers but keep the chip draw or give the 1st by-run to the number 1 qualifier if applicable. TTVE always…rocked my Street Race Tee today to the office.

  5. Was told the first race is 25,000 because it is a qualify race 2 race will be 40,000 and turn the clocks on hell the racers are smart enough that they can tell someones speed by watching

  6. Shawn blew his motor @ Hebron bc he, like a true moron, didn't clean out his oil system from the last time it broke🙄. Watch 187 customs channel. He explains it.

  7. If the clocks are on and there's a clear time shown advantage folks would lose interest. For example if Ryan throws down a 3.8 consistently and the next best has been a 4.0 from everyone else then why watch when you know who the winner will be?

  8. How about showing the mph at its highest point throughout the race but still No Time. That way if someone hits the brakes before they go through the traps and are sand bagging they would still have the highest point of speed throughout the run

  9. Yes it would be nice to see some time as well as if MPH. Like you said it would be great for the fans to watch as well as NPK to give a small purse for new records. Back 30-40 years when we had our tracks in Southern California if we wanted to test & tune. When we didn't want anyone to know our times we wrote N/T on the window facing the tower. Simple & if someone we raced in the street we would send over someone that they didn't know hung with us unless they were in our group. They would go over either eavesdrop to hear what time they ran or would show interest in their vehicle so they could pump info from them. Then on our way home if we didn't set up a street race we would usually head to a Denny's or the shop to compare notes so we would be ready for the races. Great content as usually. I hope your tag gets there soon for you! Been there it seems lile forever to get there! ✌

  10. They can't turn the clocks on because then half the fan base would hear that Stevie "FAST" Jackson ran half a second faster and the Street Outlaws and some would feel they lost their mystique but that's comparing apples to oranges because they are different!

    Not to mention every venue is going to want a record… ultimately they might be tempted to add a little more "no prep" the day before. Ultimately everyone would end up on radials instead of slicks, everyone would go fast and not slide all over the track and they'd have essentially killed what the no prep is, more so than what has already happened. The idea of the no prep was to simulate the street but it's so far off that now that anyone that wants to be competitive needs to have a whole separate car set up completely different from their street car to have a decent chance at winning. I believe clocks would really take away from what no prep is.

  11. Theres no time on the streets so if your trying emulate the streets you dont post times. Guys will start crying bout times when the fastest times doesnt win a race. You might as well start preppin the track now too since you wanna turn clocks on. Street racing went to the track but no prep, no its on the track but no prep but lets turn the clocks on. More and more its changing to track racing and will no longer be what it started out as. You wanna make it as close as you can to the street again then run the tracks backwards like the down south small tire races. You wanna be real street then do it but they wont cuz its no longer street. Make up your minds what you want street or track. If you wanna see how fast the cars can go then prep the track and turn the clocks on…

  12. Yeah, i think they should show the times. Most of theses guys and gals are running entirely different cars on the street anyway, so i see no need to hide the ET's and MPH of the passes that they are making! Keep putting out the great content Sim!

  13. These reason you leave the clock's off it's not fair for the first 3 or 4 down track cause then the other would have a good idea of how much power the track can take.

  14. I talked to Boosted at the Hebron event. The first event was only $25k due to it being a NON-points event, just a qualifier. The rest of the events will be $40k payout again.

  15. I vote to leave the clocks off. The whole idea of NPK was to bring the excitement and unpredictability of street racing to a safer and more organized place where they could sell tickets. I think keeping the whole grudge racing feel is what sets it apart from the NHRA pro series. If they turn the clocks on, it will eventually end up just another 1/8 mile Pro Mod series. Lets face it, pretty much every one of these cars is a Pro Mod drivetrain stuffed into a car that happens to have a VIN tag in it. Nothing wrong with that, but they need to keep what really makes them different: No glue, no clocks, and instant green.

  16. Clocks on at the track would be very cool , cause none of those cars will ever make a hit on the street like at the track. Non prepped track or not. Shawn blows up engines cause I feel his tuner is not doing his job.

  17. I don't think they should turn the clocks on because I think it would end up causing something that would take away from the racing itself.

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