1. The oh shit light switch sure worked this time as he grabbed the scramble…. can certainly hear that puppy go beast mode when he grabbed it.
    Looked like a good race, tommy did well and it couldn't have been a better dude to lose too really. It's amazing to watch how much Tommy has grown in the sport in such little period of time because of his upbringing – product of his environment… kids a "driver driver" for sure.

  2. The total dollar amount by car entry at 1K per never added up to begin with, and the Crossville, TN track info on Fakebook put out by the track owners in advance concerning renting of the track to the race promoters, and their not being responsible for monies, parking, etc. During this particular event…Told the whole story in advance in my mind.

    I was more worried (for the actual racers), about exactly what appears to have happened (based on the comments here…The purse shorting after 191K in entries in, 171K paid out to 6 drivers left in, on an advertised quarter Mil., payout right up through and during the drivers meeting statements by the promoter, seen in TJ's Friday-Rnd 1 vid), rather than what SRC Garage's Old man Bill was more concerned about…the pit parking issues.

    191K-171K=20K siphoned off for expenses, not added to. 250K advertised right up until mins. before first round during the driver meeting, and during the event on another short vid I saw Saturday. 250K-171K=79K shortage from advertised "Richest Ever" purse.

    Each of the 191 entries had to bring in or draw in at least 9 crew or fans each through the gate over the 2 days at just at 50.00 per paid gate entry (191 X 9 X 50.=85,950.00) for a min. required gate take. Crew and fans had to equal 191 X 9=1,719 paid admission plus 191 drivers=1,910 on the property over 2 days.

    191 X 1K=191,000.00 + 1,719 X 50.00=85,950.00=276,950.00-250K=26,950.00 Expenses.

    Simple back of the matchbook math says it appears either that is 1 really tiny drag strip property, or nobody attended except the 191 drivers and cars entered,, or I would suspect and allege that somebody got away with the scam of the century. Outlaw street racing on a rented track where the track owners prepublished "a not responsible warning"…What did you expect? What did you "reasonably expect!"

    I hear a lot of negative comments on multiple street racing youtube channels about the longtime and long ago real racer built sanctioning bodies like NHRA, IHRA, IHBA, NASCAR, etc….And, motorsports as a whole suffered from exactly this exact kind of race day alleged purse scamming before then (after the fact, when it comes time to pay out, without a simple short entry to cover the purse disclaimer on ALL advert. and pre- race discussion, that sure seemed to be missing for this event IMHO). IE: 250 car min. Or Purse Will Be Reduced at the following formula…).

    So, say what you will about NHRA as a sanctioning body, they do pay out what is advertised in my lifelong experience, or you do have somebody with much deeper pockets to go after, and you have actual legal standing, to file a legal claim.

    Good luck going after that seemingly large missing amount vs a richest ever over advertised purse from 2 seemingly optimistic fly by night race promoters on a rented facility since even the track owners seemingly saw it coming enough to post a disclaimer in advance.

    None written to defame anyone…The purse monies vs entries never added up to begin with, not before, not actual, and certainly not after. But, if it drew in 191 entries, and 2,000 plus crew and fans to paid gate entries at 50.00 ea. (somebody needs to be answering some serious questions) Damned glad I do not have a horse in the race! Love watching the Outlaw schidt and all the freaking drama, just like I loved Hill Street Blues for drama in the old days.

    The Street Racing Scene has never changed in many many decades. The proof is in the Drama Pudding. TY for the vids TJ and wife, you are good people!

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