this is devastating

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2 Children Killed, 8 Injured In Tragic Drag Racing Crash In Texas


Dragtimes: 1,000 HP BATTLE * Ferrari SF90 vs Tesla Plaid DRAG RACE

Throttle House: Lexus LFA Review // A Living Legend


Stradman: Sold Another Car to Buy a 2nd Ferrari.

Stefan Lewis: This is not what I expected. 🤦‍♂️

0:00 Intro
0:27 The Incident in Texas
5:22 SF90 VS PLAID!
6:31 SS717 Gets Z06!
7:08 Stradman SOLD IT
7:45 More UTAH CREW
8:34 The Close


  1. You, I, and most of us car enthusiasts would never hang out at the end of the track, and I'm surprised none of the drivers were concerned enough to inform the powers that be to get them out of there! This was so senseless! My prayers go out to all involved, but especially to the parents of those children. Such a needless tragedy. 🙏🤍

  2. More water barriers wouldn't have stopped that car from going into the crowd. Spectators on the side that close to the track at any event, with no solid barrier is a recipe for disaster. No-prep races at the "big end" of a dragstrip usually still have full concrete k rails to keep this from happening. And airstrip events usually dont allow spectators anywhere near the track the cars are running on. The TX Half Mile in Victoria keeps spectators far away from the active runway. These event promoters messed up, and shouldnt be allowed to continue unless they impose better safety practices like so many other legitimate races have done.

  3. There should never be people allowed that close to the fast end of the track. Notice how at any real drag strip, the crowd isn't allowed near the far end of the track for these reasons. Whoever was in charge of those logistics at this event is the cause of the hurt people. Sad.

  4. People need to take some accountability for their own actions and really shouldn’t have been standing in that area, it’s common sense, however, there was no way that race was anything other than a disaster waiting to happen and the organisers should be held responsible. Even in the area that they provided barriers, those plastic things are nothing more than something else to thrown at people in the crowd once a car hits them, they will not stop an out of control drag car. The lack of any common sense from spectators or organisers at this event is astonishing!

  5. Sad state of events. Feel very sorry for the parents. Unfortunately things happen just as rally car racing has produced many accidents over the years. Even nascar. Really surprised Mike wasn’t invited to see it first hand like others were. Seriously he was the first real corvette YouTuber

  6. That guy was smoking the tires down the whole track or am I missing somthing?

    If he just stayed in it like that it's really negligent on the driver's part sometimes you gotta lift…

  7. Where I live we take racing very seriously and noone is allowed to even be that close to the strip once you get past the starting line and the bleachers just beyond.

    It's a known zone for getting hurt

  8. May Jesus be with all involved in that crash….We bring our children to the races to pass on our lifestyle to them, its meant to keep them safe from drugs and give them something to work towards and find friends and family along the way that will last a lifetime…This accident was even worse than others because it was 100% preventable…you can rent barriers for this EXACT reason. They should have both the plastic AND concrete AND not allow the crowd past a certain length of the track…If they had done those, those children would be alive and those people wouldn't have been hurt…other than the driver who may have some bruising and soreness….Now the driver has to live the rest of their life with guilt even though it was clearly 100% an accident.

    I'm sad for everybody involved, especially the family's that lost their kids, the people that got hurt and the driver that has to live with it because of the lack of safety.

  9. Why don't you just tell it like it is you can be kind of gutless you're so afraid to offend somebody you know how about you should never have tents and people at the end of a drag strip especially without barriers I mean anybody who sees this video in this story can come to that conclusion in about 10 seconds come on life of Palos grow a pair

  10. You never have people spectating without a barrier protecting them. The race officials should have prevented this from happening. And no prep races should happen at a drag strip not an airport. Even if they use the back side of the track as the start line. An airport is more for 1/2 mile events and spectators are always far away from where vehicles are going by at speeds

  11. I can not believe that the plastic barriers filled with water or sand or anything besides solid concrete (obviously then they should be the solid poured/ formed jersey barriers) would be able to stop a race built vehicle or even a low power vehicle that is out of control at any speeds past a crawl or a roll. Very scary very sad.

  12. If the driver is alive he should be held accountable also the car never actually hooked he did a full track burnout if he would’ve shut down way earlier this could’ve been avoided

  13. I've been a big part of the fastest car in Denmark for some years now.. and I can tell you that water barriers ain't gonna stop a car doing those speeds!! It'll only slow it down a bit!
    We had that the first year and went for concrete barriers instead.
    Also no people allowed that far down the strip when they're doing those speeds! That's just straight up idiotic to allow people being there!! So so sad to hear those children past away😥 The people that arranged that should never be allowed to do anything like this again!

  14. In my eyes several things caused this tragedy first and foremost my condolences to the family, this was a truly tragic thing to happen. My opinion is that 1: the driver should have backed out it's clear that they smoked the hell out of the tyres for the majority of the run, whilst that is happening you are not in control of the vehicle even if you think you are. 2: plastic water filled barriers are not enough in anyway these should have been concrete K rails. 3: The K rails should have ran a fair bit further than they did. Those two points are failures of the organisers. That said motorsport is dangerous regardless it's not just drivers that get hurt sometimes, so you are also responsible for your own safety as a spectator. It's clear that many folks had decided to set up in that area, which although parallel to the track should always be considered a run off zone. This means as a spectator you should be paying attention (obviously this isn't the fault of the kids you have to be taught this) if in an open run off like that and should always have a planned escape route should the 💩hit the fan. Unfortunately it is just a multitude of things that resulted in this tragedy, everyone will play the blame game but we have to chalk this down to another Motorsport tragedy and learn from it and try to prevent it from ever happening again.

  15. Did anyone see the orange cones basically blocking people from going that far down. Not a good barrier but there is a lines of cones across the walkway

  16. No prep is normal even at the largest tracks. But this looks very low budget and someone should be held responsible. Ps. Transitions and background music is awful. Don’t try too hard. K.I.S.S.. if you know you know.

  17. Those water barriers are supposed to be used in conjunction with concrete k barriers. The water barriers are placed on the inside to help reduce the vehicles speed and create drag that prevents the vehicle from going airborne as it sometimes can with k barriers. The k barrier itself acts to stop or deflect the vehicle away from the crowd. Finally nobody should be at the end of the track. This is basic design, anyone can google and follow those guidelines. There's no excuse for the promoters to not do the minimum here.

  18. Maybe people weren't supposed to be past the end of the barricades? Seems more likely than not putting up enough protection. Either way serious communication breakdown. Condolences to the family's of those lost.

  19. While the operators of the race should not have had spectators that far down track, the driver should have lifted when his opponent drove away from him, staying in it while spinning the tires that far was stupid.

  20. Need your help my comment keep getting deleted, car cleaning / detailing videos- the detail geek in particular “2years since last clean” I call BS on lots of those videos, mud is all in one direction (up and down) even behind the wheel arches and same colour, of mud, no brake dust from alloy wheels when cleaned, the mud comes off in one wash with no staining on white paint, worth a look into ? Keep up the good work with the videos and the community.

  21. There should be nobody except safety crew at the end of the track, barriers or not cars are doing 200mph there and will blow through them.

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