This Box Will Make The LEXUS Faster For No Prep Kings! Very Expensive Part For Prenup

This Box Will Make The LEXUS Faster For No Prep! Very Expensive Part for prenup

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Justin Swanstrom
4922 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills Florida 33542

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  1. 1 More promod event and then the lexus is getting a front grill and working headlights before we are back out testing new equipment!!! LOVE YALL, Make Sure To SUBSCRIBE !!!!

  2. I dont know if you have heard this or not but Ryan has said many times that you were his closest competition and has also said that he believes you have the better transmission in your car.

  3. Justin… In the immortal words of your Dad. BOY KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT ABOUT SECRET PARTS…. Hell you might as well show your damn setup and tune ups.. Ryan is number 1 because he keeps secret important stuff away from everyone including the 405…. Geese man!!!!!! There big country said it for you lmao

  4. Hell I'm sure that Big Country is more then ok with y'all using his tailgate as a work bench πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was hoping he walked up on you to see what he'd say about it while you were filming this πŸ˜‚

  5. Glad to see you trying different things to make your program even better. I’m watching mpk and I have seen the guys are you serious. Chuck says you have paid pit crew. I think he is intimidated by your semi truck. You guys are used to these rigs because your in then so much for your business. Take care.

  6. I agree. You and Ryan seem to very close most of the time. That’s saying A LOT. You had a new car, you’re a younger,greener racer that Ryan, I know you’ve been running fast cars for years though. Ryan has been street/no prepping a lot longer and your right on his heels. He definitely has you on his radar and paying attention to you. Your killing it man you have a very successful career in your future.

  7. It was great meeting you and your crew at Tucson Arizona. I was hoping for you to win against Lutz. On the show they had a video of you towing your car back to your pits. You could see my drag racing ice cream van. I had fun racing the van there. I hope you keep racing the Lexus. I like the body style

  8. To help push your marketing with the reality TV show shit, just make a PUBLIC announcement saying, "do not question me, period! I I have a car that is a winning car, I will run within the loopholes of the rules!…. If I feel like it, I am going to jump the light EVERY SINGLE TIME that I need to… if you don't like it, take it up with your losing ticket…."
    It will ABSOLUTELY make a ton of people hate you, BUTTTT it is within the rules, AND television loves drama, AND yall are already known for the "fuck what they say" mentality…. literally nothing to lose.

  9. Ryan said he was running 50 pounds over weight so he's not 100 pounds less than you.
    Ryan said in a video his biggest competition is Kye Kelly he doesn't even turn it up against you he just runs his mid grade tune up.

  10. Hey Justin I'm telling you if prenup wouldn't have all them issues I definitely think I would've been a different story. That said I still think prenup should be the npk car put that camaro on the streets no disrespect just saying. M.M make some badass converters and tranies but that piece you damn that shit looks awesome man I hope all the changes to prenup workout for you brother I also think your the only one that can give Ryan a run for his money so good luck testing and as always keep up the awesome work let's go πŸ’ͺ πŸ’―

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