The Patriot Camaro & Black Sheep Battle!

In this video we have david brinkley who is the driver of the patroit camaro which is a pat musi motor with some nitrous. The camaro has done well on slick surfaces and looked to increase his sucess with a win at the no problem raceway no pep event held at belle rose, lousiana. The black sheep mafia is a group of small tire racers who literally dominated the small tire no prep scene all year long. Would the black sheep finally reach a road block with the patriot camaro standing in their way it might be the black sheep’s last stand. But, don’t count them out yet as the black sheep leader brent self stepped up to the plate and took on the patriot camaro in a great race. Check out the video to see who wins and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. At 8:36 you wrote Brent Self vs Adam Plunkett procharged Camaro…..I believe you made a mistake Brent Self drives the Camaro which is in the right lane and Adam Plunkett drives the mustang which is in the left lane.

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