The New New Murder Nova – No Prep News Episode 68


Thanks for watching!!! New video this Wednesday!!! New episode next Sunday!!! All my videos go live at 6:00 pm CST!!!

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  1. He is already tossing up changing it to white everyone thought it might be. In the newest video he posted. Itd look way l
    Badder white

  2. Very interesting video as always, I just watched a video with Scott Taylor where he took both cars to a no prep race, he drove Track Doe on big tires and had John Doe on small tires with a friend of his driving and won both classes.

  3. Love the upbeat you always have. I hope they do npk this year I was hoping to see them all at maple grove race way. The new look of murder nova is killer. Keep up the great work

  4. Shawn said that he went with gloss black because the npk events were mostly day time events and wanted the car to look better. He liked the flat black because it was stealth, they could blend into the dark better at night if the cops came!

  5. Hey sim Shawn's npk car looks sick and they just fired that thing up as well and in between them boys were playing with that pro tree he bought that was awesome he can have a pro tree shootout at 187 customs lol . Man it's going to suck if npk gets canceled really looking forward to the new season hopefully we'll be able to make that happen safely. The new shirts are freaking sick my friend keep doing what you're doing making them awesome videos ttve let's go sim 👍👍💪💪💯💯

  6. you know Sim, as big as street outlaws and no prep is, im surprised the major networks hasn't picked up a series or made their own. i can see nhra opening a new division. it's just too popular.

  7. Very disappointed with the colour choice for the new Murder Nova. That's not to say the new car isn't beautiful, because it is gorgeous; but from flat black to gloss isn't the dramatic change I was hoping for. Matte white (or off-white) would've been quite unique, and he could've had a bit of fun by naming the car "The Marshmallow" or "Stay-Puft" !

  8. I don't think that they are going to do no prep Kings. Because even though all the sports and stuff was allowing fans that was losing money if the fans wasn't there quite a bit of money. No prep Kings may not be losing that much money so they might be just on the safe side. I would like to see no prep Kings though but they're just my thoughts

  9. I'd like to see one more season of Fastest in America, with Scott Taylor and Kye Kelly hosting it. By their own rules. Let's see what JJ's got then!

  10. Hey SIM! Thanks for the great info! I have absolutely no idea if us fans will get a new season of NPK this year but I sure hope we will. I want a white Murder Nova!

  11. Idea for the 405 if they do drop The List do it like a fantasy football schedule. Whether it's 2 five car divisions or 3 four car divisions .
    You race everyone outside your division once and everyone from your division twice. Go by wins and loses, best record from each division make the playoffs along with 3 wildcard spots. Best 2 records get a bye 3rd seed races 6th, 4 seed races 5 . Winners race the 1 & 2 seeds winner of it all is the 405 Champ and has the crown

  12. SEAN made a comment few days ago that he needed to get his no prep car ready. Because he was gonna be gone for 2-3 months. That means he’s traveling. Plus boosted gave out no prep website with a schedule on it fir this year

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