The Murder Nova is Going Back to Procharger CONFIRMED!!! – Street Race Talk Episode 309

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  1. Sim think about this Shawn is the one that introduced Ryan to the business that builds custom 1 off wheels for his wife’s Cadillac. And Shawn also had wheels and steering wheel made for his Sema build. Remember the word custom custom custom

  2. Question on the OG MN Sim, why he go Pro Charger when the turbo cars are clearly out running the non turbo cars?? Pulling them in the last couple hundred feet????

    BTW either set up well always love the OG Murder Nova hands down one if the coolest in the bunch and I'm so glad Sean kept it looking the same basically after all these guys are constantly changing cars ya know?!?!

    Long Live the OG MN 😎🤘

    Just a thought SIM


    JoeSkylark ✌

  3. Sim your dead on I believe!! But my guess is it’s got gold front wheels just my opinion tho Who could hate a black wheel Ryan has black wheels so 🤔

  4. I would not be surprised if it is pro charged, and you present some very compelling arguments as to why it certainly could be. So b do you think it will be just for the street or possibly for NPK?

  5. I just seen a whole bunch of pictures of work being done on the OG murda nova And what's really interesting is that pro charger doesn't make as much horsepower as the twins so can it be possible the OG is going to be the npk car ?? I mean look at all the work they did ..🤔🤔🤔.. maybe just maybe the og on the track and the new car on the street 🤷‍♂️

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