The McCain Boys Pit with Kye Kelley at No Prep Kings Darlington!

Being that no prep kings darlington was local to us, my brother and I decided to give them a hand so Kye could focus strictly on driving and adam could focus on tuning on! It was a success I must say


  1. It's funny watching you on youtube looking all nice and all when I know the stone cold killer behind the wheel. Keep grinding brother lets get this channel growing if it's anything like you race it's going to the top!

  2. I'm proud of you guys. I went to school with your mom and dad at Strom Thurmond HS. To see ya'll have taken over what your dad started is simply amazing. Hopefully in the near future I plan on seeing yall racing with the John Force's or Antron Brown. All of 25 aka the Quarter got yall back. Good luck and be safe!

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