THE END of Street Outlaws – Street Race Talk Episode 221

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  1. John Doe and big block killer should have been a re run automatically. But I’m with ya on the outside line being a cross is a loss

  2. Great job once again… Just wondering why you never read any of the MANY comments about how NOLA got hustled, the fix was in, how this should have been call The Slowest In America and all the other negative comments about how JJ picked a road he knew no FAST cars could get down and that he already had data from previously racing on that road? I still think we should petition for a rematch on a better and safer road or even the road they all raced on except Memphis, in all the other episodes..

  3. Its really not a big deal it will run its course and be done. China is already recovered and moving around. The question is what are they covering up with this panic they are causing.

  4. Sim, you’re young so I’ll forgive you being naive. Over 350,000 people have died this year from the “regular” flu. This is about average and it happens every year. 99.6% of people 65 and under who contract the Coronavirus don’t die. This is purely media driven by the Democrats who are trying to destroy the economy in a desperate attempt to beat Trump in Nov.

  5. Scott was in the right lane and big block killer was in the left. Scott went right to keep bb killer from running into Scott. So bb killer would've crossed center lane.

  6. 1) Kye was just a stepping stone for Jjs show. That’s not the fastest in America it’s best hustle in America slowest passes ever seen. It’s all hustle not racing.
    2) Nobody freaked out over swine flu when it killed thousands why freak out over corona virus……stop watching cnn and msnbc it will make you more DUM.

  7. The fix was in from the start . The simple fact that MSO got a bye to the finals was bad enough but, then to go to a virgin crap road , it was a total set up. JJ the producers all of those people knew there was no way that NOLA could get down that road with those cars. It was obvious NOLA knew they had very little chance on that road. JJ should be ashamed for losing 5 races on a road that his slow ass cars had a huge advantage on. MSO actually lost 2 races where NOLA guys smoked their tires the entire 1/8 mile! JJ , this was a joke

  8. As a medical professional (I am a ER nurse), just act like you are trying to prevent from getting influenza. Wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 15 seconds (make sure you get underneath your fingernails and don’t forget your thumbs), turn the water off with a separate paper towel, and open the door with a separate paper towel as you leave, and don’t touch your face in public (and wash your hands right when you get home). There you go!

  9. It was sad … I thought I was watching the end of biker boys when they race down the greedy farmers gravel road smh 🤦‍♂️……I mean no way would they find the only road in America that Memphis could have a chance on …. the street in Memphis would have been a better show to watch even with mso having tunes for there home street would have equal things out better and been more exciting then a gravel ass road that no one went fast down but the lesser hp cars had more of a advantage…. idk IMO lol

  10. Idk how your getting to the conclusions that this stuff will end … it’s only on a 2 week pause till further notice … no one that I know of is saying season ending or no more for a year lol

  11. James Marlow, said it right. Fix was in when jj picked road. Jj knows his cars only had a chance when tires race on pebbles. Not taking anything away from jj. He is true street. I'm huge 405 fan but prefer jj's type car's.

  12. The biggest thing I didn’t like about fastest in America was , all the teams beat the hell out of their cars for weeks !! JJ and his crew just sat back and learned all about the road and other teams while they have perfect cars just ready to go. It just didn’t seem fair to me. Just my opinion !! Keep up the great content sim.

  13. Dude, everyone is over reacting over nothing. More people have died this year from the common flu than Coronavirus has since the 1960s. Yall buying into a hype. Just. Fucking. Stop.

  14. Well shit. Here's my 2 cents. I think the corona virus is more a joke than anything, look at the news and who's actually freaking out over it. I promise I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but come on bro, it's not even as bad as having the flu or pneumonia. If they were to cancel street outlaws it would be dumb. Just my opinion though 💪🤜🤛

  15. Hello Sam good episode bud I think they have lots of street outlaws already filmed kind of like JJ did he's got lots of stuff still coming up and that's awesome keep the message going I'm a Canadian but you Americans you got to take this seriously first time in a long time anyone's called it a pandemic so pretty serious Keep Your Hands Clean wash down those steering wheels everybody

  16. Do you do live streaming while watching street outlaws that would be a awsome broadcast with your input!! I'm a proud 73 nova owner wit a smb 406 on a 100 shot fun for bracket racing and of course the grunge haha turn the second kit on")🍻

  17. JJ out thought kye Kelly again.JJ knew what was up&kye should have known better that money blinded kye.That street was fuck up since last season they race Vegas..Come on Nola u gotta think-jj is always Thinking he is a HUSTLERS FROM THE STREET BY ANYMEANS TO BEAT YA.MSO IS NOT THAT FAST JUST SMART.KYE FAST BUT DUMB.THAT WHY KYE SHOW THEY TRIED TO COPY OKC AT EVERYTHING. FISHING THATS A FAKE,A FONEY,A FRAUD!!!KYE YOUNG HE IS NOT FROM THE STREET

  18. I’m a huge fan SIM. This video is so disappointing. Are giving news updates about racing or are you speculating possibilities? Generally I can count on good solid info. This type of video makes me reconsider the source where that info comes from. I mean we could all follows the racers on social media and get info that way. But we like you and what you bring with that info. But this seems more like News type propaganda instead of the facts we are used to. Stay in your lane buddy.

  19. SIM.. Your excitement is cool, BUT.. CALM DOWN Brother. You will turn people off from the channel by yelling, and making it where people dont understand what you say. I givve this feedback as a fan, I have been watching since episode 2. Just have to calm down a little buddy.

  20. I wish JJ and everybody else would get it right, its "first OR worst" not "first is worst", he sounds like an idiot everytime he says it.

  21. Simple, they are hosting. It's their show. If people don't like it, they don't have to race. If you want to fight the champ, well then you need to get through the division before a shot at the title.

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