The Drama About Street Outlaws Drama – Street Race Talk Episode 306

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  1. I've gotten to where I skip past a lot of drivers when they talk cause I dont care about the shit talking they do, especially when most dont have the skills or cars to back up their mouth, a couple do but most dont. I dont want the drama I just want the racing, interviews are fine as long as the drivers dont turn into douchebags.

    Oh, and the crying over guessing on the light, FFS, get over it, nothing is stopping every driver from doing it and its within the rules. I lost all respect for Robin Roberts after the whole Brandon James guessing the light ordeal. What kind of a douche pulls that? I wont be your friend unless you drive past the scales and DQ yourself. Not only did James screw over himself (He had a car that would have gone rounds) but his team as well as all the other drivers who earned their wins. If you have to scheme another driver like that so you get a win you dont deserve, you're a grade A douche. Roberts prayed on James inexperience.


  3. TTVE. Im not a fan of the drama in the show. There's fights that happen and thats to be expected from this level of competition, happens in all sports. However some feel genuine and others feel scripted or at the very least just feels like guys putting on a show for the show. An example of something that felt genuine was the incident with Bobby and Birdman, I really felt like Bobby was true in his emotions didnt care about the cameras in that moment. On the flip side there's Chuck and Boosted who squabble back and forth for the grandstands throwing water and wrestling around like two kids was in my opinion "for the show" not for morals, and I didn't like it it made me want to change the channel. But I suppose the answer is whatever brings higher ratings is what they should do Im just not a fan of it.

  4. I think most drivers dislike the 405 due to the amount of fans they have and the 405 being on top so they gotta justify it somehow cuz if u ask anyone they are all faster than the 405 except when time slips are around or race night comes and they get beat then run they mouths better than their cars run. Idk it's just made me look at drivers in a bad light the ones complaining and crying like birdman and murrilo really looking bad this season.

  5. There’s always going to be a little drama racing . Back when we were racing oval in the 70’s there was always a a little but we’d get over it pretty fast !

  6. Discovery sent a recruiter to my studio and for two years try to get me to let them do a show regarding the apprenticeship program that I had set up, I spent two years telling them they were not allowed to start any drama or I would not agree to do the show. After two years I finally told them to get lost I wasn’t interested in their bullshit. There was so much drama in the program without creating any it just about drove me crazy. They could not have created drama better than the dramas that naturally came with the program but they said if they couldn’t create drama they didn’t think The show wouldn’t be worth watching. And my response was there will be no show.

  7. If Ryan wasn't part of the 405 no one would care about the 405 especially with big chief sitting out NPK. Who's the guy who anyone fears from the 405 outside chief and Ryan? Shaun is inconsistent Monza hasn't been any good since his kid started tuning his car. Dave can't get down a track without crashing into a wall chucks all talk and doc has never been a factor. The 405 is being carried by Ryan and Chief outside of those 2 it's their reputation from the past that's fading as everyone knows new Orleans has the fastest team top to bottom

  8. I respect what your saying but some of these small tire races draw really big crowds. There is going to be 256 small tire cars at the Crossville race. That race is going to draw a huge crowd. I think alot more ppl watch and go to these small tire races than you think. And yes if chief and Jackie start doing it. It will just keep getting bigger.

  9. Can't say it's THE reason Sim but the drama between the characters the show has created is a huge reason its a big as it is. Street outlaws fan base transcends just race lovers, and I believe all that's the a big reasons. Also Stevie Jackson preaches all the time that ya need rivalry and what not for the sport, and we all know Stevie loves to talk smack and he doesn't even when he doesn't hate a driver or company, it's just good for the sport. 🙂 great vid!

  10. I think we will probably see Jackie run in a small tire race with JJ possibly on tv.
    As far as the drama, many of the competitors have said that the producers do encourage it, it’s a tv show. Look at the Chuck and Justin drama, what the tv didn’t show was Chuck talking to Big Country and apologized for burning them down, so yes they edit for the drama.

  11. Small tire ISN'T Tv big!! It never got there. Of course on the street it is. But it has to get "tv" big to have a "mania". I like small tire but I love big tire. Basically something I DONT see going to illegal street racing down the street from my house🤷‍♂️

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