The 405 at Bradenton Raceway in Florida!!

In this video we have some of the members of the 405 team racing at Bradenton Raceway no prep event held in Bradenton, Florida. First up we have dominator in his hemi powered dodge dart with a turbo setup. Dominator spent most of the season struggling getting his car dialed in. Dominator came into the last race to support the team and try to win forty dollars. We included all of dominator’s runs along with Doc in his nitrous assisted Firebird known as the stunt double. Doc in a new build after a horrific crash in the streets could not get the car to run consisent and struggled to pull off wins. Now in the off season Doc will return stronger and faster than ever. Lastly we have monza in his turbo camaro who like the rest of the 405 team struggled to get it going all season. Nevertheless the group as whole are tough to beat and only looking to get faster. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. I hate the cookie cutter cars that they are racing. It's like seeing Ryan Martin race every body. Then he races his self. Build something different! PLEASE🙏

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