Testing the Split Bumper

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  1. This Camaro is by far, my favorite Street Outlaw car. It is hands down, the most beautiful machine… Love this 2nd Gen RS… I'd like to see it be a successful racer, it's such a cool ride… Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the video. Didn't Shaun have this same problem last year with the og car ??? Seems like he was having a similar issue with after it launched it went so far out and then nothing

  3. What I like about Monza…its a 2 man show. Everything is done by Father and Son, they dont have a bunch of hired hands. Just the 2 of them, if it breaks one or the other is crawling under it. Front to back is TEAM MONZA…..damn straight Father & Son team !!!

  4. Stay with it. Y’all will get it. This is by far the best looking car on street outlaws and one of the best dudes! Watching the love you have for your son and y’all relationship is what made me one of your biggest fans! I hope u go number one and stay there til u decide to retire. Then let JR keep the crown! Respect ✊!

  5. the trans brake module its self might be Grounding out internally turning it's self on and on the transmission the Vibrations it goes through are tremendous, change it out see if the problem goes away! if they are triggering it with ground that will make that happen….

  6. Just trial and error as with everything. I have no doubt y'all will have it running as fast as humanly possible.

    I live in south OKC if you guys ever need any help late at night, looks like your shop is over by the tracks if I'm thinking of the right place. I'm self employed and usually up late. I'm a Firebird guy (1 street, 1 dirt stock car) but I've got love for all F bodies no doubt. Also do jet boats too but I like anything motorsports and racing.

    Holler at me if you want my number and I'll send it to ya. Good luck with everything.

  7. Best looking car in the 405 …. work of art Monza …. and it's definitely a top of any list car …. ima pull for you every time and don't give a damn who you line up with …. Tell Young Blood to give it a fine tune and send it

  8. My god that car is so beautiful. I’m almost happy that everyone is going to the 69 Camaro body for next year because the split bumper or your new chevelle will stand out that much more. It’s good to be different and honestly it sounds like next season of NPK is gonna be mostly 69 and 5th Gen camaros and I’m over it.

  9. For me this is the best body style for the Camaro. And of course, black is best.

    It's fantastic to have seen you all from where you were 10 plus years ago, to where you are now. Through it all you have stayed tge working mans hot rodder.

    The best part is to this father son team grow stronger and better over time.

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