Testing the car Tomorrow!

Just wanted to hang out with ya’ll a little and let you know what our plan is for this coming weekend and next week.

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  1. Like the live feeds even though didn’t get to catch it while it was live.. @turbo John don’t you have a block heater ? Plug it in to help it out. With the cooled starts

  2. You need to paint the golf cart gold like the car the golf cart is great painted gold and make it look like the mustang before you give it away πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Hey tj ur a great guy an ur doing a lot for the sport an next wensday I’ll hopefully now that my cars almost ready I’m going to come down there an do some no prep together I’d love to get to race an I’m going to put it on billy ass lol

  4. Missed this live, but after I get my C10 done (roots blown 6.0 LS) I'll be putting the motor together on my altered, its a 351 cid big block, and will be running twin 76's on it, car will weigh <2k and run in NHRA Comp eliminator AA/At.
    Get a white board in the trailer and keep track of parts in/out on it

  5. Not sure how many miles are on that 7.3 but you might go ahead an grab some under valve cover harnesses from your local international or Ford heavy truck dealer too. Those get brittle from all the heat and oil and the connectors break. NAPA has a pretty good aftermarket harness too if factory isn’t available. Also the pigtails that plug into the valve cover gaskets get oil in them from random leaks in the HP oil system on top of the engine so they short out, get melted and destroy your IDM. NAPA has the pigtails too.

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